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Children grow so fast, and their eyes do too.  That rapid growth may cause vision changes.  When kids have to strain to read, they don't enjoy it and their schoolwork suffers. 

Dr. Richardson loves working with kids and helping them see their best.


bulletFirst eye exam: Infants should have their first eye exam at 6 months of age. Certain conditions that require attention can be detected early, such as crossed eyes or lazy eye.
bulletPreschool children should have a children's eye exam by the age of three, then another exam before entering school. Your child will be fine-tuning his visual system during the preschool years, ages three to six. During this stage of life it is important to detect vision problems that may delay development if not corrected.
bulletSchool-Age Children: If a child requires glasses or contact lenses, an exam should be scheduled every 12 months. 
bulletChildren with no apparent visual problems can experience vision changes without you or your child noticing them. Therefore, your child should receive an eye examination at least once every two years.


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