ABC backround.gif (1325 bytes)SPELLING BEE WORD LIST

Each speller will only be asked to spell words from their own grade, and possibly the grade above their own.

fun, red, cat, on, sun, dog, jam, gum, bat, net, pig, fix, fun, in, sat, end, top, bat, plan, ran, at, best, big, box, cup, club, rub, not, hot, did, bed, jet, sad

blue, milk, hand, stop, fast, brown, name, bake, kite, home, five, his, nose, green, ask, girl, bird, down, glad, baby, nest, sing, made, gate, joke, with, egg, ball, shell, tool, book, cry, want, two

water, store, sister, dream, giant, pretty, orange, draw, chair, first, people, clean, sleep, happy, thank, shine, under, fresh, bring, start, luck, carry, taste, crisp, hobby, cost, easy, field, sting, never, brush, third, stove, flew, white

school, paint, because, space, worry, trouble, hurry, please, climb, smell, should, earth, sugar, catch, early, corner, learn, large, whole, family, twice, quick, never, almost, point, watch, speak, wrong, scare, place, neighbor, bright, young, coin, proud, build, stairs, choose, teacher, special, afraid, below, enjoy, quiet, spring

stretch, wrong, trust, month, shadow, choice, ocean, noise, radio, crowd, kitchen, library, judge, knock, follow, chase, enough, angry, remove, usual, vacation, laugh, satellite, surprise, alphabet, knife, forecast, geography, twelve, ticket, borrow, knot, scratch, pencil, central, serve, charge, answer, voyage, annoy, fudge, width, amount, naughty, gentle, celery, terrible, position, insist, throat

disguise, percent, recommend, pleasure, official, stomach, exercise, instruction, restaurant, success, piano, decide, future, shoulder, distance, familiar, wrinkle, disease, journey, doubt, breathe, equal, discourage, tournament, achieve, sweater, attitude, cereal, similar, reduce, pleasant, memorable, jealous, police, repetition, average, nervous, electric, guitar, wreathe, celebration, museum, dangerous, pronounce, vacant, initial, easiest, damage, concern, loathe

continue, adventure, gracious, drought, disaster, chemical, surgery, knowledge, pursue, serious, orchestra, believe, legible, establish, cooperate, obedience, necessary, identical, coincidence, vacuum, grocery, horrible, prefer, resemble, scissors, government, ignore, column, science, responsible, character, schedule, rhythm, conscience, imaginary, sentence, companion, fasten, inquire, author, century, scholar, cousin, whistle, forfeit, prediction, possible
silence, choir, evidence

environment, sympathy, imagination, recognize, committee, collaborate, strength, nonsense, opportunity, enormous, accomplish, disappear, familiar, beneath, location, innocent, guarantee, ancient, receipt, engineer, tongue, specific, misery, stingy, collection, ordinary, headache, foreign, interior, pierce, civilization, entrance, variety, congratulate, happiness, investigate, astonish, original, personality, estimate, graduate, dialogue, inferior, incredible, stereo, chemistry, fatigue, envelope
vehicle, function

constitution, generosity, economic, endeavor, cylinder, abbreviate, picturesque, molecular, amateur, unique, mischievous, approximate, descendant, epidemic, communicate, scheme, substitute, acknowledge, gigantic, contagious, legislature, rehearsal, prosperous, tragedy, sanctuary, necessary, customary, aerial, category, definite, benevolent, politician, vocalize, threaten, priority, intercept, alternate, ceramic, essential, sustain, poisonous, ingredient, frequency, desolate, apology, deceitful, concept, durable
partial, declaration

auxiliary, deprivation, equation, hideous, nausea, reservoir, studious, reputable, antidote, chronic, benediction, credential, altercation, grotesque, poignant, authentic, convenience, sabotage, camouflage, tedious, expedient, hallucination, flexibility, mesmerize, stringent, lustrous, feasibility, mediator, tutorial, perjury

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